ledongil (Lee Dongil)
Artist or Designer


+82 10 2893 3738

Ledongil, known as Dongil-Lee was born in Seoul, Korea. He had his first solo exhibition on December 2015 and is about to present another solo exhibition on this April 2017. Ledongil, a creative director of multidisciplinary design company Creative Studio Unravel, defines himself as a conceptual artist who focuses on tracking the exceptions in the universality of human life, and introduces such notion into objects.

His upcoming  exhibition on April expresses his shame on phenomenon of mankind becoming an accessory to industrialization in the framework of the current industrial structure, chasing for rationality and efficiency.

Ledongil’s language of sculptures reveals the state of the design industry that cannot overcome the barrier of being identical after all, due to the process of rejecting irrational and unfashionable things and reluctant to anti-aesthetic ideas. Thus his style of work can be seen to be created at an ambiguous point where design and art are combined.

Ledongil’s first solo exhibition ‘Dissect of Self’ begins with the curiosity about the state of being a true self in one’s lifetime, from the moment of conception to the moment of death and the time of death. Through the exhibition each sculpture presents the ‘real’ state of things, that is, the most functional and rational forms and ideas.

Ledongil continuously expands the scope of his work through studies with various materials and properties.